Murder on the Mekong

Blindspot, Prequel to Unknowable

When A CIA Assassin's Lover is Kidnapped, There Will Be Killing in BLIND SPOT, a Murder on the Mekong Novella by Hart Rivers.

-- The Highlands Jungle, Vietnam, 1969-70 --

J.D. Mikel is an enigma of a man, a CIA agent of many disguises. Seemingly a man without a heart and invulnerable, he's fallen in love with Kate Morningside.

JD realizes his BLINDSPOT when Kate is kidnapped by The Pale Man, a wealthy sadist competing for the lucrative heroin trade in Vietnam.

To save Kate, JD needs the help of his step-brother, Zhang, who owns the poppy fields the CIA is determined to get their hands on. JD goes in search of Zhang as trouble follows him into the jungle Highlands in the midst of the Vietnam War and straight to a group of trained killers.

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What People are Saying

    “Smart, well-crafted, and tense!”

    The Book Review

    “What a roller coaster ride of a story...impossible to put down...everything a page turning book should be.”

    Book Bug

    “. . . dirty and gritty, showing a not often seen side of the Vietnam War.”

    Shannon Gonzalez