If you flew like a nightbird into the Mekong Delta jungle near Saigon, you would find The Killing School. Required studies: Mind Control, Persuasion Techniques, Pharmaceutical Interventions. Those afraid of the dark and the darkness of humanity need not apply.

In a CIA dark ops house of horrors known as The Killing School, Ghost Soldier Jerry Prince aces all the requisite subjects as the experimental model for an elite modern warrior, programmed for maximum killing efficiency in future wars. His stunning physical, emotional, and psychological transformation is the work of a brilliant scientist whose twisted Frankenstein agenda is underwritten by the world’s most powerful dirty diplomat, Ambassador Phillip Jordan.

But when J.D. Mikel, the CIA’s most valuable assassin, goes rogue, and internationally renowned war photographer Isabelle Chen is sucked into an affair where death and love brutally intertwine, the race against time and the enemy within goes far beyond the perils of a dark and grueling war speeding toward its cataclysmic end.

Because when no one is who you think they are…

When you don’t even recognize yourself…

Even the most innocent players can become part of something—


From the bestselling author of Unbreakable: There Will Be Killing and Unknowable: Making a Killing comes the shocking conclusion to the Murder on the Mekong Series of psychological thrillers.

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What People are Saying

    “Smart, well-crafted, and tense!”

    The Book Review

    “What a roller coaster ride of a story...impossible to put down...everything a page turning book should be.”

    Book Bug

    “. . . dirty and gritty, showing a not often seen side of the Vietnam War.”

    Shannon Gonzalez