This wasn't supposed to be Israel Moskowitz's war. What country in its right mind would draft a child psychiatrist fresh out of his residency from Columbia University Med School and send him to Vietnam in 1969? But Izzy was here for the duration: three-sixty-four and a wake-up. A year that would change everything.

Assigned to the 99KO, the psychiatric unit of the 8th Field Hospital in sultry Nha Trang, Izzy attempts to use his skills in ways he never could have imagined; not to heal, but to get boys back onto the field of battle. A circle of compatriots soon grows around him – Gregg, the surfer dude turned psychologist; Rick, the tough-as-nails Special Ops commando; J.D., a man of many guises and even more secrets; Margie, the gorgeous, relentless head psychiatric nurse; Kate, the stunning thrill-seeker with a taste for the illicit; Nikki, the endearing, incongruously sweet Red Cross dolly. As their relationships weave and intertwine, the face of Vietnam evolves for Izzy.

But nothing will turn his world upside down – and redefine the nature of war to him – like the mission on which he finds himself an unwilling participant. Someone is massacring soldiers in unthinkable ways with the goal of demoral- izing via terror, and Izzy needs to be part of the team tracking down the killer. Before he’d come to Vietnam, Izzy had never heard the term “ghost soldier.” Now one might dictate what remains of his life.

Written with the verisimilitude only possible from someone who has been there, Unbreakable is a gripping work of fiction brimming with horror and humanity.

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What People are Saying

    “A riveting journey into the perils of war and the darkness of the human heart—stylish and provocative.”

    Tara Janzen, New York Times bestselling author

    “. . . mesmerizing . . . a chilling and astonishing novel by authors who know their way around a story.”

    Peggy Webb, USA Today bestselling author of The Language of Silence

    "A spellbinding adventure into war and the minds of men pulled by the gravity of darkness and the transcendent goodness found through roaming the fields of friendship."

    Steven V. Smith, co-founder Vipassana Hawaii' and The MettaDana Project for educational and medical projects, Burma

    “Spooky. Scary. Beautifully written . . . draws you in and won’t let you go.”

    Walt Brisbow, Walt’s Thoughts